CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Mobile Mountain Medicine for Pet Lovers

CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic provides progressive, affordable, and justifiable medical care for your animal companions, conveniently at your home, or place of work servicing the  Lake Tahoe and Truckee communities. 

We have been using CritterCare and Dr. Hartzell exclusively for both of our dogs since they were puppies over the past 14 years.  We can't imagine a more engaged, knowledgeable and friendly veterinarian to entrust our four legged family members with.  Dr. Hartzell is an utmost professional who has been able to translate our dogs' very complex medical issues over the years into layman's terms and provide us with the complete spectrum of treatment options and guide us in making the best decisions for our dogs.  We have complete trust in Dr. Hartzell and could not more highly recommend him and CritterCare.

Bob & Amy Richards-Truckee, CA

We have been in Truckee since 2003, and have tried all the veterinary clinics in town. In 2008 we transferred all our animals to CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic.  Hands down CritterCare is #1 in the Truckee area. Over the last 8 years working with CritterCare, they have managed the health care for 9 of our cats, and 3 of our dogs.

We continue with CritterCare for many reasons:

1.    The experience and “bedside manner” of CritterCare staff and the way that they almost consider our pets theirs when it comes to treating them.  They understand our animals are our family members.  We have had many hard calls and visits over the years with CritterCare, regardless of how emotional the encounters are we have never felt like we had unanswered questions and didn’t know our options.

2.    CritterCare uses down to earth methods to explain a situation and provide options for treatment including costs and risks.  We have never left a visit or a verbal update regarding test results without a clear understanding and knowledge of what we need to know about our animals’ health status.

3.    When the time has come for our pet(s) to be put to sleep, CritterCare understands our emotions for our pet and handles the situation with not only professionalism but also a heartfelt sadness that we share.  We have never felt awkward, uncomfortable, or uneducated during such a very personal process which has occurred 2 times within our family home.

4.    CritterCare is great when it comes to all aspects of their job; from billing, scheduling, prescriptions, emergencies, and research. They have treated our pets for very complicated, rare, and misdiagnosis situations (from other vets locally) and they took the time to do additional research, call other doctors / specialist to assist on to how to treat our pets. They have always given us options, and honest advice. There has never been an instance in which CritterCare gave us a “hard sell” for an expensive test or treatment.

5.    The bottom line – the Lee family recommends CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic

                                                                                                                                   Lisa & Rick Lee-Truckee, CA

It is my honor to speak about a most remarkable practice, CritterCare. They have been a part of our lives for 16 years. Beyond the awesome fact that they are mobile; they have a wealth of knowledge, a desire to always be on the cutting edge of care, a fearless advocacy for an animal’s welfare, a very rare and precious gift of understanding animals and the ability to be their voice. Combine this with sensitivity to each animal’s unique needs, an understanding of owner’s circumstances and capabilities, a depth of veterinary knowledge and you have the best possible care.


Through touch, voice and personal energy they have soothed critters and owners alike. CritterCare’s profound compassion for all beings brings a depth of care that is priceless. My critters, my husband and I are all blessed having this wonderful team in our lives! Mahalo nui loa!!!


Harvey and Gail Dahl-Denkin- Alpine Meadows, CA