CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Mobile Mountain Medicine for Pet Lovers

CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic provides progressive, affordable, and justifiable medical care for your animal companions, conveniently at your home, or place of work servicing the  Lake Tahoe and Truckee communities. 


Providing Mobile Mountain Medicine is the mission for our veterinary practice including expertise in Medical, Surgery and Dental cases.

Wellness Care

A thorough examination of your pet is the keystone for providing a high quality life for your companion. Early recognition of problems provides opportunities for pet owners to change the course of diseases and maintaining health. Combining our "head to tail" evaluation of your pet, along with an in depth investigation of your pet's history will discover medical, behavioral, and surgical issues early.

Education through clear, concise, logical explanations helps to create preventable veterinary medicine for you and other pet owners. These include a variety of valuable tools available to keep your pet healthy.



Dental care is essential to the comfort and long-term health of owner's pets. Besides being repulsed by a pet’s bad breath, the discomfort associated with dental disease is usually unrecognized by most owners. Our modern ultrasonic dental cleaning equipment provides the preventative care to ensure the preservation of your pet's dental arcade.


Equally as important is maintaining good dental care avoids the potential dire consequences of chronic dental disease to your pet's kidneys, heart and immune system. Neglect can be not only be avoided but incredibly important to ensuring survivability and quality of life. Veterinary dentistry requires the expertise of general anesthesia to perform a thorough examination, ultrasonic scaling and cleaning. Sometimes the necessity for dental extractions, under the safest anesthesia available to veterinary medicine, can restore your animal to good oral health.

Pain Management

Whether pain is the function of owner's pets growing old and arthritic or the result of biopsy, trauma repair or elective surgeries, pain in whatever form, creates discomfort for both pets and owners. CritterCare utilizes comprehensive and progressive modalities to help combat pain's debilitating nature.

The "number one" reason for pet euthanasia in the United States is due to a patient’s inability to stand. Pain management and client education, as to preventative and monitoring skills, can address pet owners' problems associated with pain. Examples of early intervention include:

  • Weight Management
  • Glycoaminoglycosides (Glucosamine)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Accupressure/Accupuncture
  • Balance Exercise Regime
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Essential Oils

Utilizing a combination of Western Medical Therapies and Alternative or Complimentary Medical options maximizes pet owners witnessing their pet's faster recovery, return to normal appetite, family interaction, and the pet's ability to further bond to their owners.

Internal Medicine

No pet owner wants their animal(s) to suffer sickness or poor health. However, sometimes medical illness and veterinary problems are unavoidable. Having skilled diagnosticians conveniently available can make an amazing difference in pet's quality of life and even their survival.

Through comprehensive clinical evaluation, including thorough history, complete physical examination, and appropriate, targeted diagnostic tests, CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic provides pet owners with an option approach to sometimes complex medical issues. Our experienced staff utilizes diverse essential tools to assists animal owners in achieving their individual goals for their companions.

Our mobile veterinary clinic employs technical and consultative features available to modern veterinary health care facilities making rapid and convenient sense of your pet's issues. These areas include issues ranging from Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, to Pulmonary Medicine.

Advancing our capabilities in achieving clear understanding and swift answers to these complex medical problems CritterCare utilizes:

  • On-Site Radiography
  • Rapid In-house Blood Analysis
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Services
  • Pathology Consultation


CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped to perform both minor and major surgical procedures for all types of potential surgical case solutions. Whether elective (preplanned), urgent or emergency surgery issues, our facility is fully prepared to a variety of surgical necessities.

Utilizing reversible anesthetic inductive agents, and safe, rapid recovery inhalation anesthesia, our patients are diligently monitored throughout the entire anesthetic and surgical event.

Durc Missing his Mom.JPG

These procedures include:

  • Ovariohysterectomy (Spay)
  • Castration (Neuter)
  • Oral Surgery
  • Exploratory Laparotomy (Abdominal Exploratory)
  • Splenectomy (Spleen Removal)
  • Excisional Biopsy
  • Gastropexy for Gastric Volvulus (Torsion Repair)
  • Trauma Repair

Surgical cases receive preoperative pain medications to minimize their discomfort and postoperative anxieties. Prior to release to home care, all pet owners are thoroughly instructed in the requirements they will need to ensure their pet's rapid recovery. Included in these take-home instructions are methods for owners to reach CritterCare's staff should questions arise after normal business hours.

Consultation/Referral Services

With over three decades in clinical practice CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic brings to owners and their pet companions a vast number of experts to complement their years of experience. Whether in the fields of endocrinology, ophthalmology, oncology, orthopedic or soft-tissue surgery, behavioral medicine, cardiology, neurology, immunology, radiology, our staff as the ability to consult or refer pet owners to specialists, both regionally located, or outsource critical questions to global experts. This provides pet owners with the best and most current techniques available to veterinary medicine.

Progressive, justifiable medicine, meeting an owner's needs, is the practice philosophy at CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic.