CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Mobile Mountain Medicine for Pet Lovers

CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic provides progressive, affordable, and justifiable medical care for your animal companions, conveniently at your home, or place of work servicing the  Lake Tahoe and Truckee communities. 



CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic recognizes that pet owners value contact information and the ability to investigate veterinary medical issues on their own. We believe there are many methods to gain further enlightenment about medical problems or questions that arise for their pets.

The first method is through reference websites that can be relied upon to provide factual, educational, and understandable insights pertaining to pet medical and behavioral problems. The second method are links to professionals that can provide the highest standard of expertise. The last method is access to resources offering alternate or ancillary assistance in pet owners search for supportive care.

CritterCare recognizes these other business formats and considers them valuable tools and resources for those pet owners interested in researching their pet's issues.


  • Veterinary is an animal database and reference site maintained by Veterinary Information Network (VIN) the largest online center for veterinary health information.
  • AAHA Health is a website maintained by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to promote pet owner education and instructional to improve companion animal welfare.
  • ASCPA Animal Poison Control Center is manned 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer urgent questions regarding possible poisoning pet issues or toxic exposure. If you have an immediate pet poisoning problem call their number at (888) 426-4435 to seek medical advice.

Professional Links

  • Orthopedic Surgical Specialist
    Davyd H. Pelsue, DVM, MS-Board Certified Surgical specialist in orthopedic surgery at Sierra Veterinary Specialists.
  • Cardiology Specialist
    Stacy L. Hosking, DVM, Board Certified Cardiology specialist at Sierra Veterinary Specialists.
  • Ophthalmology Specialist
    Lana L. Linton, DVM, Board Certified Ophthalmology specialist at Animal Eye Center.
  • Neurology Specialist
    Gregg Kortz, DVM, Board Certified Neurology specialist at California Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery Specialists.
  • University of California School of Veterinary Medicine
    A plethora of veterinary specialists under one roof.
  • Radiology Specialist
    Jerry M. Owens, DVM, Board Certified Radiology specialist at Veterinary Radiology Services.

Ancillary Pet Links

  • HeartSoul Natural Animal Communication
    a compassionate intuitive resource to assist pet owners seeking answers from the pets beyond the scope of modern science.
  • HeartSoul Horses Helping Humans
    an experiential learning utilizing horses as your partner for exploring life issues, undesirable repetitive patterns, team building, and family problems.
  • Bruce Hartzell
    official website for Bruce A. Hartzell, DVM, author of When Dogs Dance with Dinosaurs, photographer and lecturer.
  • Dodger's Dribble
    A canine's voice from the afterlife. Humorous tales, insights and conclusions from another species about life among humans
  • HeartSoul Mustangs Manifesting Miracles