CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Mobile Mountain Medicine for Pet Lovers

CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic provides progressive, affordable, and justifiable medical care for your animal companions, conveniently at your home, or place of work servicing the  Lake Tahoe and Truckee communities. 

About Us

About Our Business

CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic started in 1999 after first looking for a location in Truckee, CA for property for an animal hospital. At the time the only location the newly incorporated town permitted for veterinary facilities was the ground beneath railroad tracks running through the town.

Motivated at starting a service that would offer routine small animal medical care and experienced veterinary emergency care for pet owners within the greater Tahoe Basin Area, we helped design, then purchased a 26' mobile clinic designed specifically for veterinarians.

CritterCare's unique mobile facility comes equipped with the ability to x-ray patients, safely anesthetize animal's to repair lacerations, remove porcupine quills, and perform more extensive surgical procedures, such as: spaying and neutering or exploratory surgeries.

About Bruce A. Hartzell, D.V.M.

Graduating from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980, Dr. Hartzell started practicing small animal veterinary medicine in the East San Francisco Bay Area.

After initial gaining experience, he spent the next 18 years working at small animal veterinary emergency clinic in Dublin, CA. Serving clients in the communities from Danville south to Fremont and Tracy west to Castro Valley, Dr. Hartzell treated emergencies ranging from poisoning cases to extreme trauma 'hit-by-car' injuries.

After years of experience at the emergency clinic, his primary veterinary interests are in diagnosing complicated internal veterinary medicine cases. His expertise includes the ability to convey difficult medical issues to pet owners thereby allowing them to make informed decisions about the care of their animals. His guidance to his clients ensures they make their decisions based on knowledge and understanding that best fits their needs.

Beginning in summer of 1998, he and his wife, Cindy, began searching for a location where they could bring their skills to those needing veterinary assistance. In 1999 they moved to the Truckee area. Later that same year, they launched their business CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

About Cindy Hartzell

Growing up in Fremont, CA, after years at Seoul Golf Course, Cindy started her career working for a large animal veterinary in Livermore, CA. Acting as both his assistant and office manager, she gained veterinary skills and years of experience before joining her husband, Bruce in their quest to bring quality pet care to the mountain community in which they chose to make their home.

In addition to assisting Dr. Hartzell in treatments and veterinary surgeries, Cindy manages all the ordering, stocking of supplies, booking appointments, answering client's questions, and handling the clinic's bookkeeping responsibilities.

Budgeting her time between veterinary medicine, she has successfully raised their three fabulous children in helping them achieving their dreams and goals.

Over the past decade, Cindy has expanded her interests and now successfully guides three her other businesses, that serve others who are seeking empowerment and clearer understanding of themselves and their pet companions. She is the founder and creative force behind HeartSoul Horses Helping Humans, HeartSoul Natural Animal Communication, and HeartSoul Mustang Manifesting Miracles.

These business serve not only the local Tahoe-Truckee communities but have gained a large growing following within the United States and beyond. Committed to bringing humanity closer to a greater compassion and understanding of their relationship to their animals is a great asset in having her a part of CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

More About Bruce

Bruce's interests also extend beyond the world of veterinary medicine. When allowed to step outside the world of pet care, he hikes a leg over his Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle and captures the wonders of the western states through images on Canon cameras.

He enjoys a second career as a freelance writer and has recently completed his fiction book about a dog's assessment of living life on the planet with a pack of humans. When Dogs Dance with Dinosaurs gets published, his stories will be available for the enjoyment and insights gained by its readers.